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How To Code Minecraft Plugins - A Complete Development Training

Grow A Network Customized From The Ground Up Without Developers Or Limited Plugins
(Even If You've Never Coded Anything Before)
Project Orion
4.78 Stars 450+ Reviews
JetBrains Program

JetBrains Program

We work with JetBrains to give paid software to all students.

2,000+ students and 450+ positive ratings
Hundreds of which built thriving networks, became independent or landed IT jobs at global companies.

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This program is not designed to be easy.

In fact, I’ve specifically designed it to be hard.


Because the world needs better servers…
not just more P2W servers….

Don’t apply to join the program if you’re looking for “quick”, “easy”, or “hacks.” 

There are plenty of other, cheaper programs who offer those things.

Hey! I'm Matej, but you might know me as "kangarko".

"I never thought this was possible!"

Hey guys Matej here,

Or you might know me as “kangarko”.

If you’ve seen my plugins ChatControl, Boss and others got over 700k downloads while I helped server owners generate over 1.2M in revenue…

That’s pretty crazy, right?

However, I didn’t always use to be that guy…

Back in Christmas 2012 I got the best gift I could wish for, my parents bought me a small Minecraft server!

That server was what saved me from depression – a year back we moved to Norway and I lost all of my friends. Seeing them again over the Internet provided me with a sense of belonging. 

But now, the same server turned into a beast that was consuming me.

Are You Searching For Something More?

"Why is managing my server so time-consuming?"

I only could attract close-to-zero new players a week…

And when we finally did attract more, managing the server became so time consuming I was losing motivation.

Plugins from Spigot were a constant struggle and between updating, fixing bugs and configuring I never had time to do what I actually wanted.

I had all of these great ideas in my head when I realized that the plugins on the market could not fulfill them.

In short, the server that I once enjoyed was now becoming a beast that consumed me. 

I constantly kept asking myself this question:

"How can I finally run a self-sufficient network?"

I felt demotivated…

Instead of taking action I loaded up on movie series to numb these burning thoughts and tried to videogame my pain away.

I was so confused...

Some people say, hire developers.

Many promised heaven but did barely delivered.

Poor communication, missed deadlines, or they simply did not build what I actually requested or not in the quality I’d be proud of showing to my players…

Other server owners told me to invest into premium plugins.

We did an, many plugin developers went inactive. Or we got stuck on an outdated Minecraft version waiting for an update.

Some developers were rude or ignored me. And I remember in particular a few invisible bugs they claimed were my fault but we knew it’s their plugin…

So many server owners try learning plugin development by themselves…

They desperately try getting their heads around Java from books or courses like JetBrains Academy, but find that they don’t cover Minecraft much at all.

I always thought only the bright and talented ones get to learn programming…

And those hours reading old Spigot posts I had to suffer through, oh man…

Most we so outdated, disorganized and many were contained terrible coding practices…

One night I was playing on a famous network and overheard players brag about joining the server for 200 days in a row…

And here I was struggling to make players come back once. 

I was so frustrated...

I started googling “how to make Minecraft plugins” while I was so depressed…

All of a sudden I saw all this information about Java and Spigot API…

But I was overwhelmed…

Who should I believe? 

I read every forum post I could get my hands on… I watched hundreds of hours of videos.

I knew this was POSSIBLE! I just did not have access to the right information…

I was presented with a choice...

After making plugins by myself I studied people from Bukkit and SpigotMC who would end up becoming my mentors but also my colleagues and friends…

I took the choice... and FAILED miserably...

In 2013, I launched my first ever plugin ChatControl…

It was an advanced chat formatting and filtering plugin, but in reality, the code was terrible.

It was just like the other plugins I complained about, but now there was no-one else to blame… 

Mistakenly, I’ve added a debug feature to quickly toggle admin rights into the plugin and  forgot to remove it when I released the plugin to the public.

The very next day, my account got suspended…

Do you know the feeling when you put countless of hours into something, and you end up feeling like you did not make much progress at all?

I’ll never forget this feeling. 

Everything was taken away from me overnight…

I lost everything...

I felt ashamed… I felt devastated…

I was presented with a choice to give up, or persevere…

There were a few individuals who had supported me that critical week and who encouraged me to keep going, so…

I took the leap of faith and committed to Minecraft fully. I decided to become better than my failures!

This incident also taught me critical lessons in resistance and not giving up.

I studied every corner of the Internet on Minecraft plugin development…

It turned out there was very FEW good information…

So I spent hundreds of hours scraping the net to put the pieces together.

I came across great teachers like Lukas Resheske and Ted Nicholas and I started to understand the psychological principles that separate success from failure…

I took these lessons and reposted ChatControl to SpigotMC…

I DECIDED that failure won't stop me!

In 2017 I released over 5 plugins, and each time I applied a slightly different strategy to test whether it will be successful.

The plugins soon amassed over 700,000+ downloads.

My network reached its peak too, crossing over 50,000 unique players and becoming one of the top in my region.

Soon the plugins and server was making so much such money that not only I was able to ditch my side job, but also travel to several countries and see more than I ever did in my entire life.

All thanks to this one decision.

I felt extremely humbled.

All the years of hard work have finally paid off…

I found out I wasn’t the only one. It WAS POSSIBLE, it just wasn’t easy…

When I posted my story back on SpigotCourse people would message me:

And that decision changed my life...

Soon, the messages were getting overwhelming…

“How did you learn this?”

I was never the guy who’d turn back and never reply.

It frustrated me so much that many great guys were stuck.

So many people would be SO MUCH MORE SUCCESSFUL if only they had access to the right information…

I remembered the people who helped me when I did not believe in myself, my coaches and friends, and for once I wanted to be that “big brother” for someone…

That’s why I decided to make Project Orion™.

After many trials and errors, today I am proudly presenting to you the 3.0 version of the program and I am proud to say I’ve never released anything close to it, until now!

Minecraft is the game that changed my life. Now the time came to change yours!

The definitive guide to Minecraft plugin development & network management

I developed Project Orion™ course specifically to teach people THREE things:

Project Orion™ is MORE than just a coding course… 

it’s a step-by-step system anyone can use to become HIGHER CALIBER person and build something amazing…

Many use Project Orion™ to run a network where everything is built from the ground up. 

A network that GIVES you freedom and passion, instead of TAKING time and motivation from you.

A network that makes players excited to tell their friends so your network grows automatically without you having to endlessly invest and chase YouTubers.

I "Accidently" Built The Biggest Minecraft Course On The Planet

Here's What's Inside:

Week 1: Introducing Minecraft Plugin Development

First we are going to explain what Minecraft plugins are. Not only what is Spigot, Paper, Bukkit, BungeeCord but also more advanced topics such NMS and OBC.

You will UNDERSTAND programming clearly using the EEE principle I developed (easy, elegant and efficient).

You will find things here if you are both a beginner, a seasoned developer, or just looking to fill in some gaps.

Project Orion™ is the biggest plugin development & network management program in the world!

Listen To 218+ Game Events

I'll explain a lot of confusing things in an EASY, visual way with examples and even give you all the source codes.

Add Cooldowns And Timers

Clickable chat messages
Build advanced command systems and use the conversation API to enter data into your server with ease.

Advanced Anti-Lag Techniques

Week 2: Advanced Plugin Design

The second part of this course is all about you learning advanced plugin concepts you might have seen on the big networks…

We'll start the course easy with some fun topics such as animations.

Customize All Aspects Of The Game

You'll show animated scoreboards, action bar, boss bars, titles with RGB color support.

Particles & Animations

Design Menus & GUI

I'll show you how to build GUI with pagination, buttons and editable containers.

Week 3: Libraries & APIs

The third part of this course will show you how to go beyond just plugins and connect to BungeeCord, Discord, voting system, your web store…

I’ll also show you how to implement anti-piracy to protect your plugin.

You'll hook into EffectLib to create super-complex effects without any math skills needed.

Create Stunning Particle Effects

BungeeCord Development

A big part of this week is BungeeCord, which is how big networks connect their servers together to host 10,000s of players.

SQL Databases

I’ll also teach you SQL databases and storing data in practically any relational system. Students made their own minigame leaderboards and showed their best players on their server site.

Advanced Discord Integration

A brand new approach to completely taking over control and managing your Discord server from Minecraft.

Dynamic Vote Rewards

Plus, I’ll be teaching you the best voting systems that successful networks use to grow their player-base:

Anti-Piracy & Obfuscation

Finally, I will show you our proprietary licence system that we used to protect our premium plugins from being leaked.

Week 4: Reverse-Engineering Big Networks

The fourth part is all about systems. 

You won’t find this anywhere else on YouTube or Spigot, because here, I will show you how to create full-experience plugins and connect the dots together.

Pathfinders & AI

Custom Enchantments

Next, we’ll be implementing your own enchantment system:

Ranks & Statistics Systems

Also, many students asked me how I helped a French network explode after implementing a progression-based ranking system, and since my NDA has expired I can now finally reveal this to you!

Missions & Quests

I also show you how to add missions and quests to make players never wanting to leave your server again:

Claims, Dungeons & Regions

Finally, claims and regions. No longer you will need to fiddle with limited plugins which NEVER will do exactly what you want them to do, instead, you will take your server’s protection completely into your own hands:

Week 5: Premium Projects

The fifth part of the program is about replicating most successful features you might have seen on successful servers. 

It is less lengthy than Week 4 and it will give you complete source codes to speed up your development.

Custom health tutorial
Set custom health per-player, or per-world, creating hardcore worlds or giving perks to donators.
Send animated Toasts notifications with HEX colors.

Adding tons of features does not have to come with a performance penalty.

I will teach you how to optimize your plugins and server to an extreme efficiency so it can handle 1000s of players at once:

Week 6: Minigames

The sixth part is about adding highly-customized minigames and enhancing your network’s overall experience.

You’ll see me build games big and small, from SkyWars, EggWars, MobArena, Spleef, KitPvP to large, permanent games such as SkyBlock, UHC and new, experimental gamers I had helped large networks develop.+

Minigames tutorial

Build Any Type Of Minigame

I understand minigames seem like a big and dauting concept, so I will break it down for you STEP-BY-STEP so even if you are a complete rookie you will walk away laughing having added a never-seen before feature to your network: 

Advanced Game Logic

Next, we’ll be implementing fun game logic you have seen in BedWars:

Running A Minigames Network

Finally, we’ll wrap up and create a LEGENDARY minigames server you and your players have been waiting for ages!

Week 7: Cashflow Mastery

The final part of this program is about monetizing your skills.

This is going to be an EXCITING step into you turning your passion into a revenue stream, and possibly even a full time income.

We had tons of students sell premium software, get paid clients, monetize their networks or land international jobs and it all comes from the knowledge of this week’s training!

Sales & Copywriting Course

Then, I will guide you STEP-BY-STEP to crafting an irresistible offer (that is a killer plugin, a server or a development service, I will leave that up to you!)

Create Irresistible Offers (Or Plugins)

That alone will be good for generating HUNDREDS of customers, or players. Now that you know exactly how to sell, let me show you how to manage your cashflow and minimize risk:

Hiring & Team Management

Then, I’ll teach you people management. How to hire and fire effectively and become a feared CEO (I am just kidding, but yeah, respect is important). 

Next, we’ll deal with quite a sensitive topic, that is software piracy. You can’t avoid it, might as well deal with it beforehand:

On Top Of That...

You Will Get 7 Exclusive Bonuses If You Enroll Today

Bonus #1 - Zoom 1:1 Instructor Calls 2x/week

I am hosting livestreams via Zoom twice per week where you can unmute yourself, share your screen and get code reviewed by myself personally.

And if you’re shy, don’t have a microphone or prefer not to speak, you can ask anything via chat.

With our personalized support you can literally SAVE DAYS TRYING TO DO IT ALL BY YOURSELF and so you can actually spend time creating great plugins, not hunting bugs.

Live coaching calls registration image
I will personally review and improve your code to rapidly accelerate your learning progress on our live calls 2x/week.

And if you wonder how the calls go, here is a FULL EXAMPLE of me speaking with just ONE STUDENT and instantly resolving issues that were plaguing him for days, in minutes.

Bonus #2 - JetBrains Premium Developer Licenses

We work with JetBrains so you get professional coding software from used by Google Developers for free for 4 months as a part of Project Orion™. You’ll save $70 on software licenses.

Get JetBrains licenses image
Since 2021 we're working with JetBrains to give you the same professional development tools that Google developers use, for free.

Bonus #3 - Five Lost Tapes

I recorded a few weird psychological tips on motivation, staying organized and achieving high goals, but I was too insecure to release them…

I saved them into a backup drive and I thought I had thrown it away… until I discovered them by accident a few weeks ago.

I found out that most of the goals I set using these strategies I actually accomplished. So I decided to release them for the first time in years to do the same for you…

Bonus #4 - A Custom-Built Learning Platform

Most courses rely on cheap platforms like Udemy that are extremely limited and have never been designed for coding… 

We built a custom learning platform to MAXIMIZE your learning.

You’ll be able to communicate with me easily, track your progress, and best yet, it’s been psychologically designed to keep you motivated.

Enter our cutting-edge learning portal where you can instantly find lessons, download source codes and save progress.
Get access to successful network owners and world's most sough-after developers in out 2,000+ member community.

Bonus #5 - Customer Intelligence Report

Every year, we run a special survey across all of my plugins and students:

After collecting 10,000s of responses, I see trends and ideas faster than anyone else.

For the first time, I’ve put it down hot, new insights into a CLEAR CURRICULUM that is included with Project Orion™ for free!

If you don’t know what crucial step to take with your server to get an edge this year, or you are looking for an inspiration, this is the ONLY place on the Internet to 

Get exclusive insights into little-known trends from our customer intelligence report, included with Project Orion™.

Bonus #6 - Official Certification Program

That’s right. After finishing the course you will get an official certificate of your knowledge.

You will get not one, but TWO OFFICIAL CERTIFICATES inside Project Orion™. The first one is for the Java part of the training, whereas the second takes care of the Minecraft plugin development part.

And these are NOT the same certificates that Udemy gives away like candies. These are credible, QR-code verifiable documents certifying that you actually passed our courses and have now BECOME A HIGH-VALUE DEVELOPER

The first certificate is for the Java part of the training. It will unlock job opportunities, give you a valuable asset and provide trust.
The second certificate is for Minecraft plugin development. This will build credibility with your clients or plugin audience.
I am hosting live coaching calls twice per week where you can share your screen and have me review your code, or network.

Bonus #7 - One Year Of Support

After finishing most courses you are LEFT ALONE with all the PRINCIPLES and METHODS you were taught… but NOT HERE!

On top of our 2,000+ member private Discord group, I decided to go full path and include something special….

I will personally provide you with a first-class support via our community hub, email and live coaching calls every week.

That is FOR 12 MONTHS after entering the course.

Quality, Trust, Results

We’ve been teaching coding and publishing our own software since 2013. We’re an industry-leading educational platform, and our students speak for themselves.
App Downloads
5-star rating
4.7 stars from 1,389 customer reviews

Regardless of Your Previous Experience

If you are a beginner, Project Orion™ will...

If you are intermediate, Project Orion™ will...

If you are advanced, Project Orion™ will...

Sean Firth

"The only way to become a DEV on my server"

I have now made it a requirement for developers on my Minecraft server to have done the course with MineAcademy. I recommend this course.

-Sean Firth, MindBuzz.com.au

Reported Effects Of Project Orion™

Without Project Orion™

With Project Orion™

Developing is DIFFICULT.Developing is EXCITING.
Learning is SLOW.You learn LIGHTNING FAST.
Testing code TAKES TIME. Must restart each time.Testing code is EFFORTLESS. No reload needed!
Code becomes HARDER over time.Code stays EFFICIENT and CLEAN over time.
You WASTE TIME on always dealing with issues.You MINIMIZE errors and MOVE FAST.
Your server IS NOT GROWING & you don't understand WHY.Your server GROWS & you understand WHY.
You are trying, but NOT GETTING RESULTS.Results are CONTINUOUS.

Here's What You'll Find Inside Project Orion™

  • Java SDK Training $67

    Beginner to advanced Java SDK programming training for Java 8 to Java 22.

  • Minecraft Plugin Core Course $67

    A complete training for Bukkit, Spigot and Paper API version 1.7.10 to 1.21.

  • BungeeCord Extension $37

    Make network Minecraft plugins for BungeeCord.

  • Anti-Piracy & Bytecode Extension $37

    Protect your software against leakers, learn reverse engineering.

  • Minecraft Server Management Class $67

    Learn how to make players stay and monetize your network.

  • Sales & Copywriting Extension $97

    Marketing for networks and premium plugins sales from design to writing copy.

  • Certification Program (2 Certificates) $299

    QR-code verifiable certificates for Java and Minecraft plugin development.

  • JetBrains Software Licenses $89

    A 4-month paid license to any JetBrains product (IntelliJ, PHPStorm etc.)

  • Live Coaching Calls 2x/Week $560

    52 weekly live coaching calls with certified instructors (up to 20 mins speaking time).

  • FounderPass Program 25% OFF

    Get $2,500 OpenAI and $5,000 Azure credits for startups and networks ($75 with MineAcademy).

  • Access To Top Network Owners In Our Group PRICELESS
  • 1 Payment, Lifetime Access, 1 Year Of Support PRICELESS
  • High-Value Programming Skills For Life PRICELESS
  • Total Value: $1,320

But the true value of the course is beyond $1,320….

You are getting FIRST-HAND ACCESS to some of the top developers and Minecraft network owners in the industry. On top of that, you get real, tangible programming skills FOR LIFE.


"I just landed a new job as a Java developer... At almost twice what I used to make... We are learning real world projects that land jobs!"
Lukas Weng $94k/yr
Java Developer in 6 months @IFunction
I was very frustrated with trying to learn how to program. I was all over the place on YouTube, Udemy, etc & when I would learn about one topic I would get side tracked and have 25+ tabs open. I like the MineAcademy so much because it is so clear. And has allowed me a creative outlet to what I consider my childhood, Minecraft.
Stephanie Holloway
@ssophiah02 on GitHub

Too Good To Be True?

Alright, I had some strong claims in the writings above. Let’s address them now.

What qualifies you to teach his?

You may wonder why should you trust my advice and what qualifies me to teach. 

There wasn’t any God-like power that gave me the knowledge to teach. There was one thing only:


And a proven track record since 2013.

Whatever problem you come across in coding or selling, I was once probably in your shoes, confused, and I had to figure it out on my own.

The price? Time.

It took me A HUGE AMOUNT of time figuring things out…

I’ve coached over 3,000 people on how to run successful networks, amassed over 50,000 players on my own network and helped top networks in the industry generate over $1.2M in revenue.

What's The Catch, Seriously

Alright, I get it.

You are about to invest in yourself, you want to know that it is a worthy investment.

Here Is the Truth

1. You only get as much out of this course as you put it

We can give you every bit of information and take you by-the-hand, but we can’t do the work for you.

You have to practice what you will learn, be there for your players or customers, and most importantly, don’t give up. Truth is, the attitude does more than just hard work.

2. The first months will be hard

That is fine, because, as I discussed above, it took me time to get to the point where I am now.

Doing it by yourself is lonely – that is why we have a dedicated team to help you every step on the way to make it as easy as humanly possible.

With Project Orion™, you have our Discord and Hub community, live coaching calls and email support available AT ALL TIMES.


PS: If you have any pre-purchase questions, don’t hesitate and send an email to [email protected] and I get back to you ASAP.

I'm Biased, Here's What Others Say

2,000+ people got a chance to fulfill one of their dreams

Why Project Orion™ Is Different

Clear audio, clear video

Sorry guys, but if someone is using a dirt-cheap microphone (or body language due to a lack thereof), no matter how good the course is, you won't get it.

I invested into professional equipment and cameras, hell I even swallowed my pride and visited speech therapist a couple of times to make my pronunciation clear even to non-native English speakers.

Highly Practical

Everyone teaches software development in the same generic, abstract fashion. I'm too busy for boring, dragged-out videos. To hell with them!

We made the entire course based around real-world projects. You will see me reverse engineering successful networks and real-world stuff in a highly practical and witty manner. Examples include: KittyCannon shooting flying kittens, EggWars Minigame, Custom Bosses, NPC Missions.

No Skipping Content

A lot of courses are either made for 200+ IQ champs or people with perfect memory and attention spans. If you're that guy, I want to hire you!

Here, I assume nothing and we'll do everything together; you'll see me install the software, struggle with the crap that comes up and cut it out for you.


People say that I have a "swag" while teaching; not sure what're you talking about bro...

Forget the boring monotonous videos and PowerPoints that cause death. The course contains mature and witty humor with raw, uncut bloopers.


Do you remember the majority of what you watched on the internet?

I do my best to make each video with a slightly different "feeling", such that you don't fall into a coma but you'll have a memorable, enriching experience instead.


Theory without practice is a waste of time.

I want you to absolutely master the learned skills and remember them deeply, that's why the course includes call-to-actions with real world examples from my personal experience.
You can implement all of the learned materials into practice already before finishing the whole course.

Personalized support

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but remember that we do live Zoom coaching calls twice per week so you get personalized help from QUALIFIED instructors.

Plus you'll get access to our private Discord channels, the Hub community portal and email support for a year.

Focus on coding standards

Learning from YouTube and other reputable sources like the Internet has the danger of the absolute garbage coding standards that come with it.

Since 2013 I've hung out with some of the top coders in the industry and picked up their EXPERT CODING STANDARDS. I'll show you how to write extremely clean, lean and efficient code.


"Grew my network to the biggest in Italy"

Nothing was better than finding this amazing course, it changed my life. Today I have a Minecraft server from more than 1,200 average players and it became the biggest in Italy.

Nicolas Bonistalli, coralmc.it

The Course Guarantee

We guarantee that by following this training you will create your own Minecraft plugin and improve your server in under 20 days.

This program has worked for 3,000+ people regardless their background or previous experience so I am willing to GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS.

This applies from the day you start learning which can be up to 2 months after your enrollment. If you have exams or are busy right now, get Project Orion today and start later.

And if you’ve went through the program and are not 100% satisfied, email [email protected] and we’ll send you a refund ASAP.

Honestly, if you have any doubts… just try it. With this guarantee, there is no downside. Get it, try it, enjoy it… You have nothing to lose!

Frequent Questions

As one of our students put it:

If you want to learn ABOUT Minecraft plugins – go elsewhere. There are plenty free tutorials available. If you want to DO plugins and servers and remove all obstacles between you and a masterful network – come here.

I am going to be brutally honest with you…

Following YouTube tutorials or browsing Spigot articles is a black hole.

I’ve been practicing what I teach for over 11 years now and discovered a lot of tactics nobody knew about that I am happy to share now that I no longer run my own network.

Plus you’ll get personalized help, live coaching calls and access to successful network owners inside our private community. This is PRICELESS.

Nobody else is teaching these systems and never will, because they never worked with these big networks like I did for the last decade.

After getting 700k downloads, managing 30k players, teaching 2,500+ students and helping small and large networks alike generate over 1.2M in revenue, I am very confident that what I have to offer is so profound is like seeing the world for the first time.

I was researching renounced companies whether THEIR CERTIFICATES are officially accredited and NONE OF THEM ARE, because it’s not needed and the bureaucracy behind it is crazy. It’s the same scam as paying 250k for college…

What’s needed is world-wide recognition and student results. We have both.

I recommend you read what W3schools.com sent to me as it explains the exact same system behind our certification as they have:


Your access won’t expire and you’ll get lifetime access.

You can go through each lesson in your own time. Our live coaching calls are hop-on, hop-off, you can ask us anything at any point of your journey.

Remember you have 30-day money back guarantee from the day you start the training, not when you enroll, which can be up to 2 months after.


60% of our students have never coded anything. Plus, you’ll get an entire Java course with Project Orion™.

I was probably more clueless than you when I started, so if you are willing to put in the effort you will learn lightning quick.

No, we made it optional in the 3.0.

The Foundation™ is a system I used in all of my plugins to save hours of work.

Foundation adds the time-saving @AutoRegister annotation to register everything automatically and makes it super fast to create GUI, menus, command systems and custom entities.

It replaces many complicated calls with plain English, simple one-word methods. And lastly, it makes your plugin work on all MC versions down to 1.7.10 (and 1.8.8) without you having to change your code at all!

We recommend doing what Tijn did; he started the course using Foundation; and in built his own, unique system since. He’s now fully independent, does not use Foundation, and got there faster than if he’d tried doing the same on Day 1.

That’s how people lose motivation. They stare a blank screen and waste time.

If you have a special need or absolutely not want to follow our system, our training videos show you both — with, and without Foundation — but we strongly urge you to at least give it a try for the first month of coding before dropping it completely. You’ll become independent, faster!

Trust me and trust yourself that we can to this together.I understand many people suffer from short attention spans, ADD or trauma which makes them hard to focus.It will be a surprise for you to hear that I had all of that garbage (I still have).That’s why I will give you specific psychological and practical tips in Week 1 of Project Orion to help you achieve more than the ‘normal learners’ ever would.It’s also worth to mention that you have lifetime access, if you need more time that’s totally fine as well. We have subtitles and you can change the speed of the video lesson to 0.50, 0.75, 1.25 or even 1.50x depending on how you like it.Here’s what our students say:

If English is not your first language and you’re afraid that you will not be able to follow up, we have good news for you.

First, each video has a textual presentation of what we are going to cover, so you can just read it from the screen. Second, there are lots of downloadable materials you can just translate yourself.

You can go ahead and try it, with our 30 days money back guarantee, there’s no risk.

Me and some of my most successful students have had their back against the wall financially when they started. 

I was born in Slovakia and grew up in $500/month single-parent household. So I ask you to replace the thought “I can’t afford this” with “How can I afford this”.

And I know it can sound arrogant, but you have to understand that the IT skills we are teaching will pay for themselves 1,000X. 

A beginner Java Developer in earns over $80,000/year… We routinely have students land international positions, get clients and make a return on investment for Project Orion in just a few weeks.

So you need to get creative and think of how you can find the money. There’s PayPal financing, credit cards, loans, parents, friends, family, you could even sell something and use the money from that. 

Don’t be paralyzed like I was for years, decide today and invest in yourself knowing it will pay back. It doesn’t work any other way.

IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse IDE.Plus, we’ll give you paid IntelliJ Ultimate for free.We have separate setup videos for Windows and macOS.You can use whatever you want, however if you’re a beginner we will give you a step-by-step software installation cheatsheet and paid license to the recommended software.

Minecraft 1.7.10 to 1.21.

Unofficially, you can target whichever you want. Bukkit has been around since Beta 1.3. 

We don’t “shame” or discourage to use older versions because they are faster, simpler and many prefer them. I honestly think this whole shaming is ridiculous. I made this course to give you freedom, use whatever you want…

Plus, I’ll also show you how to make plugins work on multiple Minecraft versions simultaneously WITHOUT you having to write duplicated code.

7 weeks (plus one bonus week).

However, those weeks are only an estimate of what we recommend your learning journey will be.

You can complete it in your own pace. Some people need more time, so you get lifetime access.

Yes, our community is apolitical and family friendly.

Next,  the server where your child will be making plugins is run locally on his computer, so strangers and griefers cannot join.

We employ 6+ moderators spanning all major time-zones to watch over our communities.

We do not allow politics, adult content or any off-topic in our community to keep focused on our mission; teaching your child to code.

Yes it will work for you, we understand that most people are busy and have full time jobs, families, commutes and hardly any free time

It doesn’t matter what your schedule is like, if you can set aside at least 3 hours per week you will be able to work your way through it.

Even if you can’t start right away… reserve your spot and go at your own pace. All important lessons are pre-recorded and available on-demand. You can complete them in your own time. 

And if you’re asking about the Q&A calls, those are live and, yes we record and archive all of our live calls. So if you can’t attend, send us questions beforehand and simply watch us answer them in the replay.

But guys ... I need your full commitment on this one...

I designed this course to take you through all the reference experiences you need to become naturally good with Java, Spigot, running servers and all of that stuff.

As I’ve told you before, coding is SIMPLE but not always EASY.

Sometimes you will hit a plateau and you don’t progress for a while.

Sometimes all of your code will break…

Dude I know this feeling too well!

The key is to trust this course and the material to help you through this process.

Like every journey, you will have ups and you will have downs… They are inevitable…

And that’s perfectly fine!

I had a ton of ups and downs but I DECIDED not to give up...

In fact, I let my failures fuel me and drive me to strive for even higher levels of game.

This is the beginning of a true hero’s journey in life, someone who never gives up and trusts the process.

Ask yourself now, do you still want a life of struggle and a life that society dictates to you or do you want a life full of passion, seeing your network grow and getting a valuable skillset for life?

If the answer is Yes then I’ll see on the inside.

Yours truly,

CEO, Founder of MineAcademy

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