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Founder of Paper
"What kangarko is offering isn't bad. You don't object to teachers being paid, do you? It's like saying 'You could learn things on your own, don't go to school!' He's offering a targeted course to teach people things and offering personal support."
Daniel Ennis (aikar)
Core team for @PaperMC
Core developer for Paper
"Advertising genius behind paid plugin-courses."
Nassim Jahnke (kennytv)
Core team for Paper, ViaVersion, and Hangar
1.39M subscribers
"I could literally land a $100-$150k a year job with the coding skills I've picked up learning game dev. I know Matej Pacan has an offer like this."
Alex Becker
CEO of Hyros.com
Australia's largest MC camp
"I have now made it a requirement for developers on my Minecraft server to have done the course with MineAcademy. I recommend this course."
Sean Firth
Founder of Mindbuzz.com.au
Italy's biggest network
"This course changed my life. Today I have a Minecraft server with more than 1,200 average players and it became the biggest in Italy."
Nicolas Bonistalli
Founder of CoralMC.it

What's Inside MineAcademy Bundle?

All Courses Come With:

Regular Price: 197€
Special Deal: 97€

Project Orion™

Become independent in Java and code Minecraft Plugins

Regular Price: 197€
Special Deal: 97€
You can get this program with MineAcademy Bundle or buy it separately here:

NMS Advanced™

Master NMS To Bypass Spigot / Bukkit Limitations

Regular Price: 97€
Special Deal: 67€
You can get this program with MineAcademy Bundle or buy it separately here:
Regular Price: 97€
Special Deal: 67€
Regular Price: 67€
Special Deal: 47€

Forge Mastery™

Create Anything With Our Most Advanced Forge Modding Training For 1.20.x

Regular Price: 67€
Special Deal: 47€
You can get this program with MineAcademy Bundle or buy it separately here:
Get All Of The Above In The MineAcademy Bundle
Get Project Orion, NMS Advanced And Forge Mastery With MineAcademy Bundle For Just 197€ Instead Of 350€
Get Our Minecraft Plugins For Just $19.97
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Quality, Trust, Results

We’ve been publishing our own plugins since 2013 and delivered on our promises since. This is the real education platform, and students speak for themselves.




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5-star rating
4.7 stars from 1,278 student reviews
JetBrains Program
JetBrains Program

Since 2021 we’re working with JetBrains to issue paid software licenses for all students.

MineAcademy Is A Microsoft Partner
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Here's What People Say

"I'm Getting International Clients"

Mikolaj got a contract for a coding job and works for clients in Germany. It’s a job he finally enjoys and has a lot of opportunities in the space.

Mikolaj enrolled in our trainings two years ago and have used the program to learn Java and Minecraft plugin coding, such as NMS tablist he is showing.

"I Grew My Network To The Biggest In Italy"

Today I have a Minecraft server from more than 1,200 average players and it became the biggest in Italy.

Nothing was better than finding this amazing course, it changed my life. 

–Nicolas Bonistalli, coralmc.it

Co-Authored Hypixel Prestiges System

Tijn collaborated with another MineAcademy member and co-authored Hypixel prestiges plugin. 

Tijn developed a standalone Java socket library, packets API, custom Java reflection API, standalone image sorter program and many of his unique templates.

"It was the push I needed into making plugins"

It was the push I needed into making plugins. For anyone out there who keeps dreaming about making their own plugins, this is the place to start.

–Remen, SpigotMC’s developer

Even More Testimonials

Frequent Questions

More questions? Email [email protected]

Project Orion and NMS Advanced support Minecraft 1.7.10 and 1.8.8 up to 1.21 for Bukkit, Spigot, Paper, Purpur and other forks.

Forge Mastery has been made for Minecraft 1.20 but with tweaks can be made work on 1.21+.

Yes, specifically Project Orion contains a big module about network scale and growth, monetization, player attribution, retention, team management, server optimization and protection modules. 

It will work for small community servers of 10-20 people as well as networks at scale with 5,000+ players.

If you need to sign-up your entire developer team, contact us for a multi-license discount.

I’ve had many students enroll in Project Orion who had no experience with coding what-so-ever and became good at it in a span of a few weeks to a few months, depending on how much time they put in. 

We give a complete Java SDK training included in Project Orion at no extra cost to you.

I strongly believe if you have the desire to code your own Minecraft plugins then Project Orion is the right program for you, regardless of your previous experience.

MineAcademy contains not only Java and Spigot training but also the following non-coding material:

  • The focus, discipline, and motivation of professional Java programmers
  • Sales & copywriting training
  • Contracts, templates for hiring or servicing clients
  • Hiring, firing and managing a team
  • Earning passive income from plugin sales or services
  • How to attract and keep players & monetize your server
  • How to get high-paid IT positions internationally 

Yes; all programs are pre-recorded so you can start at any time and complete in your own schedule

The 30-day refund guarantee applies from the day you start learning which can be up to 2 months later.

Live calls happen every week, they are archived and are a supplement to the training so you won’t miss out on them if you can’t attend them.

All of prices above are one-time charges with no recurring fees.

You will pay once for the program and get lifetime access for it, alongside 12 months of weekly coaching calls and support. 

This is more than enough time if you can’t start right now but want to enroll for a discounted price and start later.