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Java is one of the most used, highest paid and easiest to learn coding languages on Earth. And the best way to learn is by playing.

This Christmas, we’re giving our Java trainings programs completely free of charge. There’s no catch — no credit card, no personal information collected (you can use a disposable email if you wish to). Why is that?


The real reason we’re offering free access is this:

Christmas should be time when families meet and spend time together. The reality is, however, vastly different. Millions of kids will be spending hours behind computer screens because they have holidays. Typically that time is wasted on videogames, social media or reading bad news.

We can’t change our society and videogames, but we can change HOW people utilize their time.

If you’re a parent, know that your kids will spend time behind their screens regardless, but now you can encourage them to spend it on learning a future skill instead of it going on a waste streak chasing a rank or a meaningless game item.


Learning to code is #1 activity you should be spending time on. Future generations will have an almost inborn ability to maneuver this new tech world. The best thing you can do, is to understand the technology and become a producer instead of just a passive consumer.

There’s never been an easier time in human history to study such a rapid-evolving technology that’s changing our evolution so dramatically as computers and the Internet did.

When you learn Java, you’ll instantly feel almost a new sense of power. You’ll think of an idea and then create it in minutes. With Minecraft plugins, it’s ridiculously simple to create a custom Chicken or your own minigame (within the game itself) according to your ideas. There’s no limit in Minecraft.

That’s why it’s so unbelievably awesome to start Java by learning how to code Minecraft plugins. —I’m not going to convince you and pull some marketing tactic, the best tactic is giving you free access to the same thing paid customers get, so that you can start and taste it yourself.

We offer 3 programs to help you do that: Java Masterclass, Project Orion and NMS Advanced:

There are 3 programs — You can try Project Orion + Java Masterclass for 7 days for free, no credit card required. Which is more than you need to start coding amazing plugins and build servers from the ground up 🙂

#1 — Java Masterclass

Is a 5-week training for people without any experience.

If you like to play football and never coded before, this is for you. We give it for free with Project Orion because we understand most people will need this regardless.

There’s even a sixth week as a bonus showing you “beyond” Java stuff such as PHP, another coding language, or connecting to the Internet.

Because Java Masterclass does not rely on Minecraft, it’ll help you with your kids’ school or college studies.

We even had 40yr+ students getting new jobs or promotions from taking Masterclass. And a few people started their own tech company or developed their own software.


#2 — Project Orion

Orion is the main thing — it’ll give you the core skill of Java by teaching you Minecraft plugins.

We use a so-called Foundation framework which prevents you from reinventing the wheel and having to stare at a blank screen each time.

Many people give up when they realize their idea takes months to do. With Foundation it takes days (Example: creating a 45+ pages menu system in our Boss plugin, took me about 1 week with Foundation whereas previously it did take 3 months for CoreArena back in 2017).

Yes, you don’t have to use Foundation at all. We have students coding on the “bare metal”, or inventing their own frameworks. You’re not “locked in” to use our own proprietary system. Foundation is open source by the way, you can find the source on GitHub.


The main thing you’ll spend time on is the training lessons. They have a video of me speaking, a discussion (not visible on this picture, it’s on the bottom), lesson description and downloadable PDFs, summaries and homeworks. Videos are in 1080p to 4k and are kept up-to-date, here you can see an updated video for Minecraft 1.17 and 1.18 requiring different Java versions (we’re supporting old releases as well so you can pick whatever you wish).


#3 — NMS Advanced

Is an advanced training to bypass the standard Minecraft (Spigot/Paper) library to create animations, games, intercept so-called packets like the big networks.

Hypixel pays upwards $120,000/year for developers to create their network setup. While you of course won’t get everything they know, you will get the very same core concepts they use in NMS Advanced.

This program requires a sound Java skill and you knowing how to make decent plugins already.

We’re not offering free access to NMS Advanced, it would just confuse you. Stick with Project Orion, it’s more than enough I promise.


Finally, isn’t offering free access unfair to paying customers?

You won’t get access to ALL training materials, only the first part to get you started. You also cannot join my live calls and ask questions live.

And most importantly, you cannot join our paid 400+ member community because we want this reserved only for students.


I sit down with all of my students live every week to answer their questions and review their code. You can speak up using a microphone or chat. Hands down nobody is doing this on Youtube or cheap Udemy courses! Typically I give students 10-30 minutes for their questions. Our 100+ call archive is available in the free program, make sure to check it out when you enroll!

So yeah, don’t think you can download all of the videos within 7 days and then watch them later, because the rest of our training is only unlocked when you decide to enroll to the full version.

That way, it’s fair to existing customers, and gives free customers a chance to get some results already to see if the program is a good fit and you can make an educated decision whether to enroll in the full version or not.

Without fake marketing countdowns, without fake 90% OFF discounts that expire on Monday and spam emails (which I am guilty of, hoops!)


I hope you’ll enjoy the free training and I’ll see you inside at this link:


PS: I am doing live calls with my students every week. There’s a strict limit of 10-15 people per call before things get messy. We’re periodically locking full enrollment to prevent this. If you’ll enjoy the free version, make sure to get the full training as soon as possible so you won’t have to wait for another 3 months before we reopen it again. Once you’re in the full program, you can start at any time, you have lifetime access.