We’re going to be diving deep into the top 3 ways to learn coding in Java or making your own Minecraft plugins in 2022.

1. The “freestyle” way: Watching YouTube tutorials, taking cheap Udemy courses, reading SpigotMC articles or googling around.

2. The “official” way: Taking college classes, studying from books or “official” programs…

3. The “fast-track” way: The truth about taking online courses in 2022 and why almost all of them fail (you).


Why Java tutorials won’t teach you Minecraft plugins:

There’s great books and free resources like W3 to learn Java. Truth to be told, that’s a great start if you already know a thing or two about coding, and you’re transitioning to another language.

But if you’re a complete beginner looking to code Minecraft plugins, it can be a slippery slope.

These trainings have never been designed for Minecraft plugins. You’ll face many things you’ll never get to use (in Minecraft), causing information overload and confusion when you try to transition into plugin making.


Imagine you’re standing before 10 doors and opening each door takes months, however the reward is only hidden behind one.

When taking the free stuff, it’s like opening all of the doors because you have no idea which one is the right one, and even mistaking the garbage for rewards since there’s no map and you’ve got no idea what to look for.


We’ve had students learning Java for years, but struggling to code plugins. They’re making all sorts of weird systems and design patterns not working here, and at the end realized that around 50-70% of what they’ve learned was a time wasted. A time you’ll never have again.


Why Minecraft tutorials won’t…. really teach you plugins either:

Most YouTube tutorials or SpigotMC articles begin with an anonymous guy showing how to create a templated plugin, i.e. “How to create custom monsters plugin”. They follow a strict path and you’ll end up having the exact same code as they since you still won’t understand why it works the way it does.

Then next week Minecraft releases a new version, and your plugin breaks. The video no longer works and the guy is unresponsive…

Many of these people are “hobbyist”, they simply lack the skill to teach well, and they give poor explanations without the “why” needed for you to become truly self-reliant.

We’ve seen people being humiliated on SpigotMC forums for asking beginner questions, being called idiots when they are simply trying to learn and are confused.

Most of these free tutorials are completely unsupported, meaning if you get stuck you have to resort to googling more unsupported tutorials and trying to patch them together.

Until it “clicks”.

Until you realize a year has gone by and you’ve picked up TOO MANY RANDOM POOR PRACTICES to unlearn and it still did not “click”.

You still wake up staring at a blank screen in frustration and most likely end up mostly copy pasting someone else’s code. Far away from having that unique plugin you wanted at the first place huh?


Students who come to MineAcademy.org from random Minecraft tutorials often have picked poor programming practices, their coding is “random” and often they have to rewrite large portions of their code after a few months to fix fundamental flaws that would never happen if they had a proven system to follow, with a friendly instructor to support them along the way.


  • If you’ve never coded before, you don’t know what to look for. You’re prone to pick the wrong things to learn and pick up bad programming habits, wasting countless of hours scrolling through materials you’ll never use (but how could you know this if you’ve never coded before?).
  • YouTube tutorials suck because they are disorganized, outdated and often have poor coding standards. And when you get stuck there’s no one to help you.
  • To solve these issues, I made my own Minecraft plugin tutorial class called Project Orion™. After 10 years of coding I was tired from crappy and limited plugins, being held hostage by expensive “developers” and outdated tutorials like these and wanted to do better.

Not Java or Minecraft, but Java AND Minecraft — The ONLY way to learn Minecraft plugins to learn Java first and the FASTEST way to learn is to connect it with Minecraft plugins. No more spending months on learning code, in Project Orion™ you’ll be making your first plugin in the first week already!

  • It’s super-beginner friendly — The Minecraft plugin training we created requires no previous coding or math skills required . It’s a step-by-step, in-depth training on Java, Spigot/Paper and even BungeeCord.
  • It’s feature-packed — Showing you how to create your own menu systems, custom entities, enchants, RPG systems, packets, NMS, minigames, custom ANYTHING.
  • Battle-tested — 2,000+ students joined our coding programs. We’re working with JetBrains to issue 4-months free licenses to their software for everyone. We have students working for Microsoft, Bank of America, cybersecurity, Hypixel, etc. Click here to read 900+ reviews. There’s more proof that this works than that the Earth is round…
  • Slots are extremely limited — You’ll get PERSONALIZED access to instructor with 10+ years of coding experience every week, get CODE REVIEWED live (don’t worry if you can’t attend, all live calls are archived).
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